Saturnalia Temple is a Draconian Magical prophecy that speaks through music. From strings, battery and chants echoes nothing but dedication and timeless traditions. The band is a unique entity in the metal scene, harvesting souls in all corners of the metal world the Temple has slowly etched out their own sovereign area, a domain of hypnotic riffing and dark spiritual dedication, but without masks, theater or pretense. As can be expected of this triumvirate, they again channel the Qliphoth, enhancing the impossible elixir. Black magic metal has gone too far. There is no redemption.

UR, a demo, the very first release crept up from the underground slowly like a blood- heavy moon and has now become a revered cult­release. The uncompromising sound and maniac riffs began a musical journey that does not know when to stop. As a band that moves intently and without compromise, their last record To The Other 2015 (Listenable Rec/Ajna Offensive) was recorded and produced in their own studio, Sitra Ahra, in the forests outside Uppsala, Sweden. The, critically acclaimed, debut album Aion of Drakon (2011) took the band to numerous major festivals including Roadburn as well as on both a EU and a US tour. The latest album To The Other is their most extreme and dark record yet and brought rave reviews from the metal press. It took the band on a headline European tour, and several festivals including Chaos Descends and the Austrian Sonnenwende.

Drummer Kennet Granholm, who has been touring with the band since late 2013, became the last pillar to once again make the temple complete in November 2015, as he was welcome as a full member.

The first months of 2016 will bring headline shows in Athens and Oslo as well as another headline European tour in early March. The band also returns to the USA for a ritual at Maryland Death Fest in May.

The 2016 European tour is named Black Sea of Power and will bring a live premiere of that song, as well as a new video that will be launched in early 2016.